About Me

Hi! I am Ian. My journey in to the world of personal growth, transformation and healing started during my corporate career in the field of psychometric testing when I took an NLP course eventually becoming an INLPTA Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This opened my eyes to how the past shapes the present but need not define the future. My thirst for learning and sharing was driven by supporting others on their own journey and how might I best serve them in as efficient way as possible. This lead me to study Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching with Dr Itai Ivtzan at the School of Positive Transformation and Breathwork Facilitation with Jon Paul Crimi, and I now bring a composite of all this to sessions that you invite me to. This unique blend of experience and knowledge can be used and shared in whatever way best serves your event or group – simply get in touch, let me know what you are doing and looking for and I can tailor a session that works well for all.

Here’s a little something I wrote based on an anonymous piece called The Knot Prayer. I felt it didn’t quite hit the spot for a sound bath I was running in December 2022 so I modified it to suit. Please feel free to use and share as long as you credit me with the work. Enjoy and thank you.

You are not your Knots

Please untie
all of these knots
In my mind, my life and my heart
Remove the have nots, the can nots and do nots
And these are only the start

Erase the will nots, the may nots and might nots
That are also at home in my heart
Release the could nots, the would nots and should nots
That are tearing me apart

And most of all
I request
And this is the one that is tough
Unburden me from all the I am nots
Especially I am not good enough

Untying those not knots
was really the key
Because living with not knots
is not how to be
As my knot made of nots
is no longer for me
Onwards I travel
unknotted and free

©Ian Kershaw December 2022

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